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Hiya! My name is Marc, pronouns he/they, and I enjoy a variety of different games - spooky, goofy, MMO, Party Games, Exploration, etc etc etc. Here for an open, rad, supportive community, so let's have a swell time!

I officiate and coach Roller Derby, have an assortment of instruments, will travel silly distances to check out vegan foods, and enjoy a good spreadsheet script.

I work for a company that provides tech and support for folks with disabilities, in order for them to be more independent. I was also an assistant in the oral surgery, endodontics, and general dentistry fields for 10+ years, and still dabble in that on a limited on-call basis.

Welcome to my DLive, make sure to say hi! :)


Mon: -----
Tues: Noon CT
Wed: Noon CT
Thurs Noon CT
(every other) Fri: 7pm CT
Sat: ------
(every other) Sun: Noon CT

I alternate Fridays and Sundays - so week 1 I'll be on Fri, week 2 I'll be on Sun, and so on.

Most streams include multiple games. :)
You can directly be part of and impact my stream using StreamLoots cards! Add jump scares, audio, and other neato stuff. Click the StreamLoots photo to dive in!
Support me in a funny and/or spooky way with Dixper skills. Click the Dixper image to visit my profile, where you can get skill crates and interact with me!
Be excellent to each other.

If you do end up crossing a line with someone (intentional or not), apologies are rad.

If a post or comment frames the communities/topics of LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, feminism, people with disabilities, mental health, or sex workers in a way that is not supportive or uplifting, it shouldn't be posted.

Have a good time!