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Who am I?
Hello, I am a fairly new streamer, I have previously streamed a bit on Twitch though that's a few years ago by now. Trying to get back into it!

I also made these fun streaming widgets over there --->

Join us on discord @ http://discord.hisha.live
What is DWheel?

DWheel is my way of spicing up my streams a bit with a little extra entertainment.
You can spin the wheel if you have a token. The wheel will then stop at a random field which will either contain an action (11/12 chance) or nothing (1/12 chance). Some actions will be special actions described below.

Special actions:
There are currently two special actions.
"Custom Action" which lets the winner replace a filed with a custom action of their choise (conditions apply).
"Your Choice" which lets the winner pick any action on the wheel (except for Custom Action) that I have to perform.

Well.. How do I get tokens??
For every 10 lemon gifted you get a token.
These gifts save across my streams, so if you on one stream gifted 5 lemon and then gifted another 5 in a future stream, you will still get your token.
In addition, you get a token for hosting my stream (Limited to one token per day for hosting).
Other ways of obtaining tokens may be added in the future.

DWheel Commands:
!spin - Spin the wheel and try your luck if you have a token to spare
!spin number - Spin the wheel multiple times in one command!
!spins - Check how many times you have tried your luck so far
!tokens - Check the status of your token stash

DWheel is powered by D#, an unofficial Dlive API
ChestRoll (NEW!)
What is ChestRoll?

With ChestRoll you have the ability to roll for a percentage, ranging from 0 to 50 percent, of your most recent gifts to be added to the chest.

When you gift, the value will be added to a personal gift pool. When the pool has at least 100 lemon you will be able to use the command "!roll" in chat to roll a virtual die.
Your gift pool expires after 30 seconds (every gift within the 30 seconds will reset the timer) so the "!roll" command must be executed before 30 seconds after the last gift you want to include in the roll.

ChestRoll Commands:
!roll - Roll the die if have gifted 100 lemon or more in the last 30 seconds

ChestRoll is powered by D#, an unofficial Dlive API