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Who am I?
Hello, I am a fairly new streamer, I have previously streamed a bit on Twitch though that's a few years ago by now. Trying to get back into it!

My current schedule is as follows (times in CEST):
Weekdays: Depends on study activity, usually after noon though
Weekends: Whenever I feel like it
What is DWheel?
DWheel is my way of giving back to the community.
You can spin the wheel if you have a token. The wheel will then stop at a random field which will either contain an action (9/10 chance) or nothing (1/10 chance). Some actions will be special actions described below.

Special actions:
There are currently two special actions.
"Custom Action" which lets the winner replace a filed with a custom action of their choise (conditions apply).
"Your Choice" which lets the winner pick any actions (except for Custom Action) that I have to perform.

Well.. How do I get tokens??
For every 10 lino gifted you get a token.
These gifts save across my streams, so if you on one stream gifted 5 lino and then gifted another 5 in a future stream, you will still get your token.
In addition, you get a token for hosting my stream (Limited to one token per day for hosting).
Other ways of obtaining tokens may be added in the future.

DWheel Commands:
!autospin - Automatically use all tokens in your stash, as well as new tokens, for spins (Use it again to opt out)
!spin - Spin the wheel and try your luck if you have a token to spare
!spins - Check how many times you have tried your luck so far
!wins - Flash your luck with some win statistics!
!tokens - Check the status of your token stash

DWheel is powered by DAPI, an unofficial Dlive API made by https://dlive.tv/Fundy