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Hi I'm Alan

As most people I have always been into computers and gaming. Enjoyed a load of consoles before Pc's really hit the gaming sence.

Consoles I played:
+ Atari
+ Commadore 64
+ Spectrum
+ Mega Drive/Mega CD
+ Phillips CDI
+ Amiga 500/500+/600/1200
+ PS1/PS2/PS3
+ Xbox/Xbox 360/Xbox One

I got my 1st PC back in 2001 and as most people when they got their 1st PC, they just got what they can just so they have one. WIN98 Yikes!
The game that got me really started was MOHAA, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, what a game! From then I started joining a few clans and taking part in leagues. I then went on to start a clan of my own with a couple of mates Spikey & Dazz, and we took them into competitive play.

Spikey & I started our own gaming league where many clans joined and competed in our leagues. I then slowed down a bit from gaming as for me the quality of games were drying up. But I came back & played games such as H1Z1, Pubg, Realm Royale & Blackout.

Now here I am, back in love with gaming and trying to make a successful entertaining channel, which I hope you will enjoy!