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Welcome Friends!
Hello I am Homestead-Hanna! I am working on developing my own homestead with . I am a woman with traditional values trying to provide some based entertainment for folks to watch.

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Channel Rules and Expectations
No self Promoting!
Be nice or get booted!
I expect respect as I am a respectable woman.
No doxxing
No gamer words
Homesteading 101
Chat with me about the rewarding way of life that is homesteading!

We will dive into what homesteading is all about and chat with other folks in this community about their experiences with homesteading.

Every Sunday between 5-7 pm EST, 2-4 pm PST
Reading With H.Hanna
An audiobook of a show where I read a variety of different books related to viewpoints that I find to be important and other works that I find to be fun or interesting.

Some books you can expect to see:
- Mein Kamph by Adolf Hitler, the Thomas Dalton translation.
- The Culture of Critique by Kevin Macdonald
- Curated lies; The Auschwitz Museum's Misconceptions, Distortions and Deceptions. by Carlo Mattogno
- An Outlaw's Diary by Cecile Tormay
- The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels

Still Working on a schedule, but am thinking that it will be an evening show a couple times a week.
Gaming with H.Hanna!
Chatty gaming. Playing a variety of games like Minecraft and The Sims 4!

Periodically through the week.
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If you are feeling generous
I plan on getting these items on my own when I can, But if anybody wants to help in the process you are more than welcome to!

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