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Welcome to G5: Higher Purpose Gaming
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G5 - Higher Purpose Gaming

G5 - Games, Guns, Good Advice, Good News, God; not necessarily in that order ;)

The channel where the community is friendly, people are made welcome, laughs are had, and questions can be asked about The God who made the universe and YOU as well!

Naturally if God is real and infinite in majesty and greatness, there is no greater purpose in this life than to know Him. Feel free to relax and discuss the Truth about who He is, talk about what's going on in your life, ask questions and receive true answers, and even ask for prayer regarding different aspects of your life as well as pray together for others.

You can also ask God questions (no, really!) at my online ministry website still under development;

Enjoy and be blessed!
Streaming Schedule
Hey, guys and gals! I don't really have a schedule anymore but I stream fairly regularly (nearly every evening).

I've got a TONNE of games to work through (many titles can be found at the facebook page so recommend what you want to see), and I also want to do some "Just chatting/IRL" streams as I sort out iTunes music I have, maybe do some Watch Parties and do commentary on awesome movies, read books, and definitely read through comic books while doing voices - very cool, very fun!

Check the note “WHERE TO WATCH G5: HIGHER PURPOSE GAMING” at to see what streaming platforms you can view through...
My Specs - 2 PC Streaming :]
Capturing 1440p and downscaling to 1080p, uploaded at 6000kb/s to pump out... so hopefully it looks as sharp as it can ;)
Feel Like Supporting G5: Higher Purpose Gaming?
Not really sure what monetary gifts and donations will go towards.. but I'll definitely give some to the Lord and Kingdom work. Maybe one day I'll make enough to do this full time and focus on other things?
EDIT: Right now I am out of work. Prayed for time to work on the book and website I'm going to launch and after a year I was suddenly laid off and given a severance package which will afford me time to work on those awesome projects. If you'd like to support that, feel free to donate :) Check out the website at