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About Me
I suppose this is where I put a fancy introduction? I'm afraid there is nothing to tell. I'm your average girl that likes to play games and hang out with friends.
I know, but you can keep your pants on and sit down with us, instead.

I play all kinds of games and usually add challenges by myself or with the help of friends.
Most of the time I'm playing one-handed or with just a few fingers of my left hand in addition due to a medical condition.
Yes, that means I can blame everything on that!

Anyways, I'm already talking too much so maybe just one more thing:
I'm working towards a proper headset since my current one broke, not that I'm good with commentary or so.

I hope you will enjoy your time here with us.
You Guys
I hope you are enjoying your time here and know that every single viewer is appreciated even if you just stay for a few minutes and decide that this is not for you. So, thank you!
Alright, guys and girls, while I'm generally easy going when it comes to profanity and such, there's a few things I'd like to make clear so we all can enjoy stuff.

1) You are absolutely allowed to laugh at bad plays. You won't ever see me rage or ragequit unless it's in good fun, so don't feel bad.

2) Please no racism, sexism and that stuff.

3) Please don't post any links to anything other than clips.

4) No spamming, no advertisement.

5) Please use common sense to ensure a nice atmosphere.

6) Most of the time I just play random music but I can take requests if the song is on youtube and you provide a link.

7) The channel is marked for mature content due to the games I tend to play. Not sure about NSFW, yet but I usually don't mind unless it breaks the rules of the site.

8) That's all, have fun!