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ARMY INFANTRY VETERAN!! Father to a daughter! Husband to a wife! Currently an Audio Visual Tech just looking to entertain people by allowing them to watch me play games on my PC.!! Come and laugh with me. Cry with me. Make pancakes with me. We will have a good time.

Dont sweat the petty things and dont pet the sweaty things.

Don’t tell me I can be anything and be happy because I will be walking around in a clown costume!

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

Every day 22 Veterans commit suicide according to a national study by the Veterans Administration. IGY6 stands for "I GOT YOUR SIX (back)" meaning no matter what we as soldiers have to have each other's backs. IGY6 means im looking out for veterans and people anywhere. Just remember no matter how low life feels, it is just a temporary problem with no need for a permanent solution. Love ya'll!
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