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A child was born in darkness, raised from the thunder and lightning which made earth look like a better place. That child.. was a girl. People saw her as a misfit. They thought there was something unnatural about her so they avoided her. After a while, the people around her started to bore her.. "They are all the same", she thought, as she looked up to the sky which was - once again - blazoned with lightning. As she made her steps to leave that place, thunder followed. "There she goes again" the villagers mumbled, closing their windows while they tried to hide from the upcoming storm. "Stupid humans." She thought as she wrinkled her nose. "The storm will come anyways." She couldn't understand why people couldn't see the beauty behind the rain. She always imagined that the sound of the thunder opens a door to a better place somewhere and that lightning guided that way. In this night, she started the journey to find this special door.

The girl travelled from country to country, followed by the storm trying to find this door or at least.. trying to find someone who is like her – someone who is different. No matter how much time passed, people were still all the same. Everywhere. No matter what she did, no matter how many cities she passed… everyone still treated her like an outsider. But that journey made her wiser. She learned many things by herself. She learned so much about the different kinds of people. She saw the differences between countries. She even noticed how different people are with their styles. "So different… and yet… everyone’s the same." she grumbled. Amazed and disgusted at the same time.

As time passed she found her own individual style. "People don't like me anyway. People always think badly of me on the first look anyway. Well, with this style, I at least give them a reason." Not just her style changed, even her way of thinking did. Finally she felt comfortable and stopped blaming herself for being different. She did what other people couldn't, she accepted herself. But there was still one thing bothering her… she was lonely.

Can you blame her? Her best friend was a walkman. Some people already forgot about previous centuries technology but she will always remember those angular shaped little things which made her life so much better. She learned to love music. For her, it was like the rain that bickers against the ground, windows or trees mixed with a strong voice, named thunder. Music was her storm on quiet days. And without even knowing...she found her first door.

This reality was odd. Books and music let her escape from it but it wasn't enough... It was never enough. She wanted to feel so much more. She wanted to BE so much more. She felt like there was always something missing. But what? How to fill it..? "Life is just a boring game...” she said to herself while laying on her bed listening to her music. "Game..." she thought.”Games.." being her second thought. "Playing..." You could see it in her face, her brain was working on something.. something that would change her life. "Game.. Games.. Playing.. VIDEOGAMES!" It's like her thoughts took steps towards the answer. Then she remembered! She was never really alone. Music wasn't her only friend.. She had many more friends! When she was a little kid, she didn't see it. She didn't even realize it, but now, she finally did. She remembered holding her first Sega and NES controllers. She remembered her grey Gameboy and all the people she met in the games. People which weren't all the same! People which didn't make fun of her! People who would want her to be with them..So she jumped out of her bed and started rescuing her old friends. Trying to find the right cables, since this country was different from the last one, she needed new plugs.. So she ran out to get everything she needed, with an energy she hadn’t seen in a while.. Was this excitement?

Indeed.. Here she was. Awkward. Nerdy. Weird. But she loved it. People tried to change her, saying that she could make so much more out of herself. And that a girl shouldn't play videogames at all. That she should dress prettier and that she shouldn't talk like an angry pirate. But well, it’s the way she was, how she currently is, and how she will always be. Her heart was beautiful as lightning and aggressive as thunder. She had finally realized that she found the door. A door that leads to dozens of other doors. She opens it every time, entering those beautiful worlds when she is starting one of her games. She just has been searching in the wrong direction. The girl realized...the door was inside her this whole time.

Come with me on this journey, let's open so much more doors together! Let's lose ourselves in the worlds of these games and make their stories our stories! Let's make friends that we will remember forever! Let's become our own favorite heroes one day and villains the other! This world is for us..and its endless.