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We Have a Mission.
Once upon a time, I found a rock. It was blue, and had a dragon painted on it as if the rock were an egg, and the dragon was freeing itself.

Many similar rocks are beginning to dot 100 mile trails across America.

100 100s for Dexter, as I later discovered the curious rocks were for, is another GoFundMe with a goal far more ambitious than mine.

A cause, more noble, more pure, and more selfless than mine, and more than all the money in the world.

The money used in donating to both of these causes is the mode of opportunity for one thing:

Selfless exclamation of a cause that has long been too quiet:

Suicide awareness.

Rosie Gagnon is a suicide victim.

I, am a suicide victim.

My fellow bandmates in АрkaдіЯ, are suicide victims, because they suffer my idiocy to help me raise this cause to the light of the world.

Every, single dollar donated to this GoFundMe, and Rosie's GoFundMe, will go to the following things:

-Handmade painted rocks like the one I found across the 100-mile trails of America.

-Free concerts, of original music, across America.

(tours starting summer 2021, due to the size of organization for this project. We'll be buying music gear, smoke machines, training musicians, writing songs, firetrucks, and making it all custom so we don't get sued... y'know. Life.)

The cause of the dead will be silent no longer.

This is АрkaдіЯ, and we have a message for the world.

Join us. Help fund us.

"Bring us from the dust, and we will party so hard, so that our fallen brethren will feel the quakes of our mortal souls all the way in the dimension of spirits."

-Jacob Morris, our project manager.

***(This is he. Please, leave me alone, if you ever think about messing with me. I just want to run my Woodstock Family, and let these idiots tour around America for suicide awareness. I'm about to be a legally trained professional with firearms, so I suggest you leave my Family house alone, too, should you try to find us.)***

Yeah, what he said.

***(yes, we wrote this as a group.)**