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Been A while just chillin
Hi I'm Kage.
I do voices.
I do random streams
I watch alot of anime's, Should I stream some?
I'm a contractor with SCLED(South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) for a living. I work strange hours and when I have time or I'm bored I'll stream on occasion.
I make random appearances in other streamers chats and streams from time to time. Don't ask me to open a chest I'll do it when I feel that chat is deserving of it. I have a sick sense of humor from time to time, I have been told I can be demented a bit. O well. I am who I am. You either like me or you don't. I'm a simple person you're nice to me I'm nice to you, you get what you give pretty much.
Father to be to my 2nd child. Hope its a boy, Wish me luck guys!!
I'm 24 if anybody was wondering an my Birthday was last March 11th, And yea yea yea I'm a millennial. Wahooo, or some aids ass bullshit.
O an If you make it this far, I'm a redneck from South Carolina. Welcome Y'all to my stream!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being here!!!!

I play all the games mentioned below:
~Forza horizon 4
~GTA5 and 5m
~Ring Of Elysium
~Mineshaft.... Oops I mean Minecraft** (my bad, usually when I'm drunk and bored)
~VRCHAT (dont have VR equipment, Yet,maybe in the future!)
~PUBG mobile (on a Iphone SE, because ya boii a broke nigga)
~Fortnite (no I don't really play it Its just there)
~Tera (not really have in the past)
~Murderous Pursuits
~Putt Putt Joins the Parade (childhood pc game, Had to do it for nostalgia)
~ there's probably more but Its late an ya boii is Tired!

So currently I have a sort of wager going on with me and a few streaming friends here on Dlive. Its simple if I'm streaming or I'm in somebody else's stream and somebody drops a Ninjet in either stream I will smack a friend with a piece of cheese in the face, To clarify I have a friend who stays over with me reguraly. He often passes out on my couch, Hes 6foot tall an weighs in at roughly 200+ Ilbs, I'm 5'8"" tall, weighing in at around 140. He's a big dude. I'm A LITTLE DUDE. I'm signing my death wish. So that said, All the proceeds from that Donation I will be putting right back into the box, an all of it will be distributed among the chat, all of it the first box will be 7k an the second will be distributed with the other 3k once the second box hits 7k again. And of course It'll happen on stream for all of you to watch, (Also he's not gonna know about it.) And it will be recorded for sure an uploaded to youtube for rewatching at a later date. So if he's not at my place when it happens, then it will be done the next time he comes over. Make sure to pay attention to the notifications so you can join in!
dueces :)

I do youtube videos on . (I did, gets harder to film bc of the amount of pedos on there nowa days. you can still catch me on there from time to time.)

Wanna join my Discord server?

Wanna donate to me but not with Leno? You don't have to but It's greatly appreciated! (All proceeds go into a fund to buy a new mother board for my currently dieing motherboard!)