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Hey! I am Danny C. But you may call me Dan!

I am a partnered streamer on Mixer, always full of energy and I kick ass at SnD on COD, i stream all COD Games on different platforms (PS4/XB1/PC) because i think variety is good for you, I appreciate every one of my followers and viewers & if you click that follow button i will appreciate you!!

My Stream Goals on mixer:




partnership with mixer

Sub Goals On Mixer:

5 Subs

10 Subs

25 Subs

50 Subs

75 Subs

100 Subs

Any more questions, feel to ask in chat or join the Discord!

*Sub Perks*

* Emotes & Sub badge

* Double Sparks & XP When Watching The Stream

* Access To Discord Sub Hangout

*Access To Sub Only Game days

*ShoutOuts throughtout Streams

*Sub ONLY giveaways

*Sub ONLY Snapchat

*Instant Invite To Any Games

Respect everyone.

No Age Talk

No backseat gaming

No! Racism at all! -

Please no religious or political topics please (we don't want to offend anyone). -

Do not Self Promote or Promote other channels. -

No Links (Daisydukes81 will Get Ya) -

No Caps Please!

Respect one another please. :) -" In other words...Don't be a Dick & enjoy the stream

Mixer -

Sunday's 10am till 5pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday's - 10am till 5pm

Check twitter for random streams...

Please Note My schedule does change due to work commitments

Set Up + PS4, Xbox 1, PC

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller

Astro A30's /w Mixamp

Logitech C920 Webcam

Elgato HD60 Pro

MadCatz - R.A.T Mouse

Madcatz Gaming Keyboard

Playstation 4 2TB HDD Console

Xbox 1 S 2TB HDD Console

Computer Specs - Custom Build

CPU - Intel Core i7 7700 @ 3.20GHz

Motherboard - ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. H110-PLUS (LGA1151)

Graphics - 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (MSI) OC

16GB RAM DDR4 2144

!mystatus - Displays current status.

!mygame - Displays Current Game.

!loops - Displays amount of Fruitloops you have.

!console - All Console infomation

!gt - my gamertag

Panel Content


By donating to my streamlabs Alerts and PayPal pages, you are claiming that the money being donated is your own money and you are willingly and voluntarily donating this money. You acknowledge that you are receiving no items in return for this donation, and that the money donated is non-refundable

If you donate i will reward you with 1 million Epoints (my channels currency per £1 donated

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Guidelines for Moderators:

Being a Moderator does not grant you immunity or the power to simply do as you please. All moderators are expected to follow the rules of the stream.

Banning – Moderators are not to ban, unless it's an extreme offense, or a repeat violation of the stream rules.

Abusing Power – Do not threaten to Time Out or Ban viewers. If someone is being disruptive, make sure you are adhering to the rules. Do not comment that you’ll be issuing a Time Out or Ban.

Moderator Actions – Do not discuss, or respond to Time Outs or Bans in the channel or other channels. If someone was banned, it was for repeatedly breaking the rules.

Trolling – Do not troll anyone in chat, this includes other moderators. If you have any issues with a moderator's actions or comments, please private message them and/or myself.

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