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Scheduled Stream Times and Notes.
Friday Sept. 20th and Monday Sept. 23rd and it is possible that Wed. Sept. 25th, I will not be able to do my scheduled streams, due to my grandfathers funeral for Monday the 23rd. I will be heading out to Nova Scotia to be with family, and hope to be back for my wed. stream, but there is a chance I might not make it on time for that stream. If I can, i will try doing a random stream from Nova Scotia on my mobile. But otherwise, I will be back to my normal stream times by Friday the 27th.
Will try to do a half hour stream today (friday 20th) if i have time.

Streaming Schedule:

Mondays - Noon EST to 2:00 PM EST
Wednesdays - Noon EST to 2:00 PM EST
Fridays - Noon EST to 2:00 PM EST

Random night streams,
starting at 10:00 PM EST
And Random weekend streams.


My Streams:
Gaming (Example - Minecraft and Trackmania Turbo)
I will play other games also. But these 2 will be my main ones for a bit.
Chat Streams
Art Streams: (COMING SOON)
Goals and Room Rules.
My Goals:
Helping to donate to other lower streamers and to streamers who help others.
Using 50% of donations given to me, to then give back to the DLive community streamers.
Having fun and relaxing streams with my followers and subscribers. A place to chat and make friends.
Judgment and Drama free.

Please be respectful in the chat or you will be muted.
No spamming.
No hateful words or disrespect towards others.
Please keep chat in English, because I do not know how to speak any other languages. I need to be able to monitor what everyone is saying.
Please do not post links in my chat, unless you have spoken to me first about it.
Don't ask when the lino box will be opened. I will open it when I am ready.

I welcome everyone from all parts of the world, as long as you keep to the rules in my room and don't cause any problems to others.
My room is focused on making friendships and helping others in the DLive fam community. Enjoy your time in here, and hope to see you return. :)
For My Mods!
Rules For My Mods:
Please give a warning first before muting someone, unless what they have done is extreme. I like to be fair and give people a chance to resolve the issues, before muting. If it is a hate comment towards someones sexual orientation or race, please mute immediately. Otherwise, a warning will do.
My Minecraft Skin - Java Edition
Starting to design minecraft skins now :)
I will start doing some streams of the process with new skins I do in the future.