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Life Before Lockdown by JC Staling
Candles burn slowly in empty rooms
yet time quickly passes
and devoid of understanding
we lived in them entombed
alone and never comprehending
that life went by
as headlights on bare walls
which obstruct but can not hide
the millions of human lives
flickering outside
like candles that glide by
in seconds
each of us going somewhere
yet nowhere
our worlds rushed along separately
and in our cries
from our lonely isolation
sadly never knowing
that we all felt the same
A climber had reached a mountaintop, but all was quiet. He asked the clouds why the mountain was silent.
"A mountain is silent because there are no people willing to listen to him. Instead, he keeps all these wonderful things inside himself," said the Light Clouds.
"No!" replied the Dark Clouds. "A mountain does not speak because there is no human who speaks to her and expects a reply. So she hides all the wondrous stories she knows deep within herself and will tell no man or woman," said the Dark Clouds.

JC Staling
Infinity-Machines--The fourth varyant
Book 4.4 "The Home of Dreams"
JC Staling

Hey guys, click on the link above to check out the new short story I wrote on DeviantArt. (An account may be required). The story is called Ogden Drive and is 19 pages long and No, it's not naughty.

About me: I believe in White Well-Being. I believe we are the Children of God. I believe we Live with the almighty God who made us and the People we Love, Forever.

Love is the opposite of Fear. Love pushes out Fear like Light pushes out the Darkness.

The Source and I are One.
I am One with the Source.
"In our tribe, when I was a child, there was a Story-Teller, and around the fire they told us the Story of the Universe," the ancient Seer said to his three strange visitors. "They told us of the Origin and of the first ten Creations and of the War. They told us of the Defender, and of the Hero, and of the Champion who came before and is to come after. And when the Teller was done, we knew why all Is as it Is, and why we Are as we Are. And we were no longer afraid.
"If we were to tell you, our guests, of such sacred things, being strangers to our People, it could be only roughly known and much would be misunderstood though you speak our language well."
"Strange one, why do you speak of 'we' and of 'our' when you are the Last of your Race?" asked one of the visitors, who appeared to the Seer to be a woman.
"It is because all Beings have a three-fold nature," said the Seer. "We Are, we Were, we Are to Come."
"Truly said," replied all three visitors.

JC Staling
Infinity-Machines--The first varyant
Book 1.1 "Progenitor"
The next Sunday, Danny's friend Bobby wasn't home. Danny decided to go hiking anyway. Danny prowled "Secret Canyon Number Seven" like a grizzly bear. The "Master of the Mountains", Danny's senses were keen and his mind alert.
Of all eleven "secret canyons", number seven was Danny's favorite. The highest in elevation, he once spent an entire week camped here without seeing another human being. His dad believed Danny had gone to summer camp that year with the Boy Scouts.
Danny brought Bobby here a few times and the boy had wondered wide-eyed at the serenity of the evergreen woods. School had started now in Priest River but Danny had not seen Bobby for several days since the talk in the cave.
Danny suddenly stopped to watch a raven circling high overhead. Then, abruptly the raven circled down and landed in the top of a nearby fir and the wind picked up and blew a powerful scent that frightened Danny. He whirled around wildly.
Gusts stirred freshly fallen leaves around his legs. His heart was jumping in his chest. The sun, which had brightly shone a moment before, was obscured by sudden clouds. He ran after the scent. He saw a huckleberry thicket twenty yards in front of him. With his pulse pounding, something whisked him into slow-motion and he collapsed before the thicket.
Crammed underneath the huckleberry, the boy's body was almost entirely hidden by dead leaves. It was Bobby. His head rested on a large rock but his eyes were open. His bloody head and arms were the only parts of his body not covered by leaf litter. A Colt revolver was near his right hand.
Coldness swept over Danny violently and he felt himself grow faint, but he pulled Bobby's lifeless body completely out of the thicket by the legs and he shook him with all his strength and he wailed and his tears struck the ground like huge drops of rain.
Danny might have blacked out, but he wasn't sure. All he knew was that a half hour later, he still had his arms over Bobby's body. He quickly got up, startled, when he heard a sound behind him. Six or seven ravens were flapping and strutting ten yards away. When he moved his entire body around as if to chase after them, they flew off another ten yards and landed again.
When he turned back around, that's when he saw her.
A girl was standing twenty yards in front of him and staring at Bobby's dead body. She stood in a small clearing of Shasta daisies. A shaft of dusty diagonal sunlight shone on her through a break in the clouds. The ravens were undisturbed by her presence.
The girl had auburn hair tied into a ponytail. She wore a neat pale brown sweater and a dusty, worn green skirt. Her white knees were slightly scraped and her white socks were rolled down into a pair of dusty, black combat boots.
She stood in the sunlight as straight and erect as a statue. Danny noticed that she was very pretty.
"Who are you? What are you doing here? Where did you come from?" he shouted at her.
"Lionhead," she said.
"Lionhead? The campground down on Priest Lake? Nah, that can't be," he said. "That's over ten miles from here. As the crow flies. You'd have to be a mountain lion."
"I can hike fast when I want to," she said.
Danny saw that the girl continued to stare at Bobby's bloody hair and face. Strangely, she did not seem to be afraid or too affected by the sight.
"Hey, how old are you?" he asked.
"Thirteen," she said.
"Then, since you're just a few years younger than me, I'm going to hope you're old enough to understand what I'm going to tell you. Come closer, though, it's okay. I don't want to shout this."
She walked right up to within five feet of the corpse and looked at Danny.
"He was my friend, my best friend and I'm going to bury him. Out here. 'Cause that's what he would have wanted. So don't you tell anyone."
"Can I help?" the girl asked.
Surprised, Danny at first didn't know what to say. He had expected her to run off and tell her parents, a park ranger, a sheriff, everybody, that she had seen a dead body in the forest. And there was a boy there too, with a gun.
"Hey, what's your name?" he asked her.
"Irene Muller," she said. "But everybody calls me I.M. for short."
"Pleased to make your acquaintance, I.M." Danny said, holding out his hand. She shook it.
They carried Bobby's lifeless body to the peace his short life had always sought. They buried him so deeply and concealed the grave so completely, that over the years, though many search parties would roam the Kaniksu National Forest looking for Bobby, they never found him.
A year after Bobby disappeared, his family held a memorial service in Priest River. Folks came from all over Idaho. That morning the church was filled, the Bible read, adults made eulogies, and both Bobby's mom and dad broke down crying.
Flowers were laid at the memorial stone Bobby's family erected for him in the town cemetery, and carved on the stone below Bobby's name were four words: "He Made Us Proud."
Danny and I.M. spent the night of Bobby's memorial service in "secret canyon" seven, under the stars next to Bobby's grave.
Lying side by side on their backs, Danny and I.M. watched shooting stars travel across the Milky Way.
"I'll remember this night forever," Danny said.
"Bobby will too," said I.M.
Danny watched I.M. as she looked up at the stars. The Universe seemed so close.

JC Staling
Infinity-Machines--The seventh varyant
Book 7.4 "September"