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My "History"
Well this would be where I talk about myself, which i am not a fan of, nor good at but i can easily do the basics!
My name is Jack Freeman, most people call me KItten or Colorful though. I am the colorful cat! I change color upon my mood, thankfully I'm a green guy!
I love doing what I do, which consists of, working at Starbucks and making people laugh. Which is what I plan to fill the videos up with! I want you laughing so hard your crying tears of joy!
I am a variety streamer! I have so many good games and alot of them are my favorite, so for me switching from one game to another is common depending on how persistant i am about the game, and also what you guys want!
I LOVE interacting with my chat when i get the chance! it fun to make people smile and laugh as I'm either whizzing past bullets, or hiding in a locker from monsters, to even cutting blocks in VR.
The Twitter and The Mewer
I got links to some of my social medias, where you guys now get to pester me and see my every day life!

[Twitter]( https://twitter.com/JacktheCat46 )
[Facebook]( https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100024922010114 )
[Youtube]( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiZrus-4M2eCYXMAU_4X4tw?view_as=subscriber )
[Discord]( https://discord.gg/5qWKEVU )
Times of Life and Times of Games!
Ok! now I do work full time at my job and that means, if you haven't guessed it, I DON'T have a set schedule! I really wish I did, but sadly this feline has to pay his bills somehow, unless there are some lovely kind people out there who may want to help. HEHE

SO far as things go, I try to stream every day! A little in the morning to help wake me up, or before I go to bed! (Nothing like getting scared out of your underwear right before bed hehe) I do plan to get a set streaming schedule, but I need help to do that!
Feed My Habit
Every Donation goes to help emproving the stream in some way, from paying artists to saving up for new equpment!