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About me
I am a Cancer Warrior!

I am a very chatty 24 year old who loves the performing arts and studied drama as a degree. I was going off to Drama school. However, In August 2018, I was in and out of hospital with severe side and stomach pain. I found out that I had lymphoma cancer in the September of 2018. I had to undergo 4 in patient chemotherapy treatments and outpatient treatments. 6 months of treatment later and after nearly not being here twice and losing all my hair, i came out the other side. Today (25/04/2020) actually marks my 1 year cancer free!

Since recovering from cancer I am making sure i grasp life in both hands! One of those is by supporting my partner in his streaming love and his VR job. This has allowed me to become a streamer on Mixer, Twitch and Dlive.

I am new to the gaming and streaming life but so far i am loving it a lot. I am learning the gift of the gab as some might say and trying to develop my confidence on stream.

This is something I can't do without your help.

Since recovering from cancer, i have developed a new lease for life. I am trying to take life in both hands and make as many memories as possible and gain more interests and skills than i had before. Life is short. Something i was forced to come to accept. I am a brand new streamer who is also brand new to gaming in general. Before the big C, things like this gave me little interest. Now though, I see it as an experience that i could have missed out on having. I am trying to develop my skills as a gamer and streamer alongside trying to build my channels on Mixer/Dlive and twitch. I also know that it is uncommon to see female streamers being represented like this. I want to show other girls that no matter where you come from or what your skills are, you can still be seen and treated in the same lite as male streamers. We need more girls to become streamers. Maybe i can help inspire people to do that.

Please follow my streams, comment in the chat and if possible help me out with game/stream tips and tricks. I have never been a big gamer but slowly developing a taste for it as my relationship grows.

This means I need your support!

Help me develop and grow my channel!

Help me become the streamer i am meant to become!

:) :>


My own discord channel is: JadeTuesdayForever#8678

My Discord team is: