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About me
Hey every one my names is James all my Follower calling me Authority OR Gaming and yeah And This my First Time using DLive .tv streaming with gaming committee with platform? so yeah and i am new here this platform and i am using a Mixer live stream even Twitch a there is no Body people watch me I decided to choice this one Dlive.tv

Youtube Gaming Channel
Hey everyone welcome to my YouTube channels so today what is your channel is about I love playing video games i Love getting Achievement only on xbox one and xbox 360 and sometime i love playing free to play video game

what is about me I do really love to play Video Game and Art Drawing and playing Guitar that is my Hobby and Sport is about that is my skill and i really love making video on youtube Channel because I started career that on YouTube channel

Followed The Rules

pleased Followed This Rules on The Chat Pleased Don;t starting beginning Racism and Troll and spamming on the Chat and because i am new knew here because i am not used This stuff with all people so yeah

2 pleased Read do not disturbing me when I'm playing video games because i am not get used to it on chat with Because i don't like the Troll and spam ?

Where Are you From
where i am from Philippines and I live in America I am been live here in America most 19 year and yeah i Move to Japan First Time SO YEAH

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