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Welcome to my channel. I am currently using this as a way to bring out my inner gamer and chill out with whoever watches.
My schedule consists of 4 days which are
Monday, Thursday. Friday and Sunday. i try to go live between 10am and 11am GMT and i will try go for 3 hours minimum
The rules are plain and simple:
-Dont ask for me to sub to you- i dont always have the lemons to and i want to make sure i like your content first.
-Moderators are chosen at my discretion and i trust these guys to help me. Do not argue with their desicion.
-Dont bully other users in chat and if u swear keep it to a minimum
-Dont advertise unless i say so.
-No hate speech, sexism or any type of negativity towards a specific group. This will NOT be tollorated
-Treat everyone in chat as you want to be treated.
-Be respectful to the mods and other people who have power ie- Guardians
-Have fun. Thats what its all about after all
Lemons are greatly appriciated but i dont feel like you have to ever. my goal is to make sure i can provide entertainment and not request donations
come join my crazy Bar full of people who will will make you feel at home. I will soon be adding roles and stuff so you can get more involved.
My Goals and achievements
Started Streaming On Dlive 25th June 2020
100 Followers/ 100th follow - EdFighterCoC
Affliliate reached -?
200th follow - GameSeeker
First subscriber - ?
500th follow - ?
The Gamer tags i use are as follows:
mburdass-mburdas for PSN and Epic Games
if there are anymore just ask
Special mentions to these guys:
BrockUK - inspired me to stream, first diamond and first donation of BTT, Diamond and first host
Console_Nation for my first Ninjagini
MysticSoul23 for my first Ice Cream
RoyBacer for my first lemon
A huge thank you goes to https://dlive.tv/ShiftTitanTV for these amazing Panels. Go give everyone hear a follow as they are amazing
Here you can follow my twitter and get alerts of when im streaming and see tweets that i put out about life in general
i have been apart of VoltageGamer for a while now and they an amazing group of streamers that all work to support and help each otherand i have recived this and given my support to streamers as well. Please do go sheck them out by clicking on the panel