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Hello Raiders o/

If you are reading this, then you are most probably trying to find out a little bit more about myself.

Hi, my name is Jamie, you can call me Jay/JC. I've been on twitch since 2015 , starting out as a viewer. Then took the plunge and started streaming in 2017

I am 26 Years old and I play a bug free game called Dead by Daylight and focus on chat interaction over anything else.

I love supporting other content creators, and in 2017 I wanted to create my own community, and in the future team, asking advice from another streamer I was told.
You would never be able yo make a twitch community or team

I stopped focussing on my streams decided to try and make one.

I went on and showed them that I could ( !crn in the discord chat) ans now I want to continue that drive and determinaiton to show other streamers that if you put your mind to it, you will achieve it

Our stream is a safe place where we can all have the best time. The Croft Army is one big family and we would love it if you would join us.
Business Email: founder.croftnation@gmail.com
Core Values and Principles are the beliefs that all of the Croft Army share.

We are excited to meet you and we believe:

1 You deserve to have a safe place.
2 You deserve to laugh.
3 You deserve to belong.
4 You deserve to achieve.
5 You deserve to have fun.
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