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I play you some vidya.
Mostly on my Xbox-360.
Channel Rules
Rule #1 Get into a fist fight.
Rule #2 Fist fight your dad.
Rule #3 Drop MDMA.
Rule #4 Fist fight a stranger.
(These are not serious rules and I DO NOT endorse violence of any kind, unless it is legal and permitted by the state)
Nao falo Portugues.
türkçe konuşmuyorum
no hablo español
Ich spreche kein Deutsch
انا لا اتكلم العربية
אני לא מדבר עברית
я не говорю по русски

je ne parle pas français
Processor-Intel 266MHz Pentium II


Graphics Card-AccelGraphics Permedia 2 AGP 8MB Video Card

Hard Drive-6.4GB Ultra ATA

Wiener Dog Facts
Wiener dogs are also called Dachshunds. Dachshunds are not gender fluid. When a wiener dog meets someone new they may pee everywhere from excitement. Wee-nee dogs also aren't communist. Dachshunds have spine problems from their elongated bodies. A wiener dog cannot vote. These are just a few interesting facts about wiener dogs.
Cute Goth Girl
We stan goth girls.
Game Collection
Buy a friend a beer
Game Collection
Game Collection
Game Collection
Widow Makers
Property Dox 1
Property Dox 2
Property Dox 3
Property Dox 4
Fun Fact!