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|Libra ♎️|Graduate 👨‍🎓|Chef 👨‍🍳|Artist 👨‍🎤| Daddy 👶| "life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain"☔️

I play games 24/7 ! Come watch and chill! Hello my name is Jay and I play an assortment of video games anything from MMOs to Fighting to Shooters! I love to interact with the community and make lots of connections and friends along the way!

Please join in on the fun and sit back as I compete online. And please feel free to suggest any new or old game that you would like for me to play; I am open to any suggestion or music choice. I do like listening to House or Dubstep while I play but anyone can suggest playlist or genres choices throughout the stream. Also lets have a chill stream! If you want to be a mod at anytime please understand that there are conditions to meet if you are interested. Also if you want to play or join my clan there are conditions like availability or the event taking place like a clan match or a full lobby activity.

My Community:
"We Are Called the God Squad, And we hope Your Stay is Eternal!"
Discord: https://discord.gg/CZA8pdY
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaydGod
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jayd_god

Hall of fame
1. Lazyboyyyyy Aka Rock Solid (15x Ninjaghini) 23k TopD All Time!
2. GoTHHHH Aka the Goat with the 17.36k 2Top all Time!
3 The One And Only Fluffyyyi 8k Top 3 all Time!
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Top Donations:
#1. Lazyboy $LP 23k
#2. GothGoat $LP 17.36k
#4. Fluffy $LP 8k
#3. Hannah $LP 7.8k
#5. Team Dry Scoop $LP 6.4k
#6. Jhulep $LP 3.6k
#7. AlilDemonic $LP 3.6k
#8. MrFluffers $LP 3.0k
#9. Scoobster $LP 3.0k
#10. Daniella17 $LP 2.7k

Monday-Sunday 7am-3pm & 6pm-12am+ (est) (Any other times will be posted on Discord or twitter)
1. Do not Post Links in Chat!
2. Do not be rude/argue to the Mods!
3. Do not be mean/rude to others in chat!
4. Do not be racist, hateful or sexist in chat, that's an Auto Ban!
5. Be kind to Others and respect everyone!
6. Zero-Tolerance on Religious & political Discussions
7. No trading or gambling or selling accounts!
8. Do not disrespect me or any other streamers!
9. Do Not Self Promote.
10. You can ask Jay for song request or game type you like to see play!
11. You can play with Jay in any game he chooses to stream and broadcasts, but there will be days I will go solo.
12. No Follow-for-follow!
13. No spamming in chat!
14. No toxicity or Auto-Ban!
(***All and any breakage of these set rules will be moderator and judged by me and the mods for either timeouts or perma Bans!***)