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Yeah so Random American gave me shit for not filling this bit out with stuff. Rawr 😉😉

Right so my name is Jen_Maximus, also known as JenTMaxi on youtube. Most know me as the happiest Canadian with a majestic rawr, and a totally not dejenerate sense of humor. So I play Ark, 7 Days to die, Raft, Stardew(sometimes) I have conan, but I don't have a group to play that one with so meh. I am also open to game ideas but take into account my computer might murder itself in its sleep. XD

If you wish you can follow me on Twitter here. I do have a streamlabs, but I have set up any widgets yet. Still absolutely no pressure any help or donations are pretty much going to go toward a new computer. Since mine is what it is, so if you like me, my content, and would like to see more your help would be greatly appreciated.

Rules of the chat, try not to harass each other guy's. Have fun, don't spam, but if you do make it the good stickers please. Also If you wanna know about the chest I'm thinking I'll start doing friday streams to open it so it's a lil more fun for everyone.