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Hey There! I am just a dude from Austria with a female nickname, coming from the Characters I name and create in games. The origin to that is, that I prefer to have female chars and so I needed a name for them. Easy way, I asked my parents what my name as a girl would've been and welp, you guessed it! Eugenia! (insert stupid cackling here). But since Jess, Jessy and Jessica are usually always taken, there was a need for some creativity. After a bit of brainstorming, my friends and I came up with this one: Jesstice.

I listen to all sorts of music and like to play all sorts of games. There are some specific ones that I play regularly, namely RuneScape, FF 14, Monster Hunter (any) and a few others but I keep forgetting them. x)

It is a dream of mine to be able to have streaming as my actual job. However, there are some health issues IRL that I have to deal with every now and then so I happen to just have to cut streams short or not be able to really stream at all, which makes it a lot harder than it already is... <.<

As for chat rules... just don't be a dick I guess? I am not easily offended and open to all sorts of talk, so don't be shy to ask me anything at all. The only thing I do not like to have is religious or political >> discussions << since it usually doesn't end well, which just kills the purpose of coming together here. Also, I will make a 3D puff origami heart for EVERY follower. (:

If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask! Other than that, there is not much left to say but I hope that you enjoy your stay and be assured, that I appreciate every single one of you, be it lurking, chatting, following or gifting! Stay awesome! <3