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My own trigger disclaimer
***Trigger warning; my life. 100% - Not to be sassy, not to be cheeky, not to be cute. I'm walking down the Roots of Autistic, Complex PTSD, DID, Multiple Physical/emotional/mental Trauma Resiliency Survivor path. I oft DO NOT REALIZE my triggers OR needed warnings for others until they are pointed out to me. I AM trying to be more aware and cautious of this. Please do not view this as a lack of care or consideration. My "normal" has just been DIFFERENT. Thank you for allowing me that kindness of understanding. I appreciate it and see it in return.
I can not be headlined ~ Autistic ~ Complex PTSD ~ DID ~ Mental Health Tools ~ Life Experience ~ Kindness ~ Compassion ~ Boundaries ~ Advocacy ~ Disabilities ~ Hashimotos Auto-Immune Disease - Lipedema - Fibro ~ Deep Breaths ~ Cauda equina syndrome symptoms ~ Empathy ~ Safe Spaces ~ HSP ~ Kindred Connections ~ Awareness ~ Can't hurt me ~ I Love me ~ Healing ~ Wash your hands plz, 💜🦚🐲 ~ ;
Daily Discords!
Daily Discord!
This link will change daily (if I remember to change, so please, feel free to bug me if you'd like it updated!) and allow for up to 10 new people daily to join me, literally, in the conversations.
Let's talk about what WE want to talk about. :P
Find me Jessy#5919
I've had this feeling towards a few of those I hold close;
Sentient is sentient. We are all living beings and hold MANY of the same feelings, without the same abilities (or even attempts of); humans are some of the most (sorry to say it but I've been keeping notes for many years now) unaware, unconscious, unmindful creatures... *SOMETIMES* (life is a variable, I am not speaking of all) -Especially until/unless they are either taught, told about, or experience themselves the 'lesson' that is needing to be learned (or doomed to repeat, FOR GENERATIONS!!!).
I'm still thankful for those of us (like you!) have that ability or skill; to easily empathize and be sure we "walk the walk that we talk".
Much Loves. Always respects; in Solidarity.

Please, check out
Ways you can help me directly
Above ALL other ways, you can help support me by LITERALLY doing what you're doing now; be here, reading, being involved, listening.
That will help me more than most anything that can be obtained through this current economic society.
That said, *if* you -are- able and you -are- so inclined, to help me even a touch more, I'd love to share with you, the things I come up with in more details, over on my Patreon. If there's a better option or a different way to do that, by like, oh, I dunno(?), sending me lemons, ice cream, etc, that would be pretty freaking amazing too.
Sharing & clipping could help; cos I'm not always best able to filter what others might find important that I'm sharing.
Being involved WITH me in conversation, again, hands down take it over money.
Let's do this, together!
Keep kind! To yourself and to others. Keep safe and please, #WashYourDamnhands
So much more...
There's so much more to each of us than we all have time for, right?
So some things, I won't re-hash a lot, cos, well, I've already put the energy out there.
That said, there's also a fair amount to learn from here, even for myself, when "looking back" at all the history that DeviantArt, holds for me.
I want to continue sharing and growing there, as I'm certain it was one of the "healthiest" of ways that I dealt with things, even in the most UN-healthiest of situations I found myself in, perpetually.
I hope you'll consider joining me over there, too!

<3 Jessy