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Gen Schedule - Not hang-out times
All days are scheduled to Jessy's health & ability. Sometimes, her desire and want are over-powered by her abilities. Times & days may also be bumped due to medical appointment needs.
All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST). On Wednesdays, I plan to read a book out loud. The first book I'll be reading is "Trickster Makes This World - Mischief, Myth, and Art" by Lewis Hyde. Looking forward to hanging out and to have the REAL, healing conversations, too. <3 See you soon! Ttfn!

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Important Things
Sorry, my Native language is english only, though I'm patient if you want to try to translate (typically).
I do not believe that hate speech is the same as free speech.
In MY world, where *I* choose to interact, spend my time, my energy, love and attention, I do not abide hate speech.
I'll either remove you or myself.
Full stop.
I'm not a bridge for disconnect & hate and ignorance. My tolerance won't be used as your sounding board or target practice.
I've traveled those parts already and I'm just not interested in re-learning lessons.
If you feel I am not listening to what you're saying, consider a few things; be sure you've heard my stance as well, be sure you're not being narrow minded and consider that my spoons (energy) just MIGHT be depleted for the day, so try again another time; maybe. Really though, I DO NOT OWE YOU MY SPACE OR ENERGY. Nor, do you owe me, yours. See how that works?
In the end, there are BILLIONS of us. MILLIONS of ways (if not more?!) to look, view, feel, live through, learn from, EVERYTHING that we as humans 'do'. So many of those things, we literally have ZERO control over. Seems to me, there are MILLIONS of ways, awareness, educations, abilities, types and more as well.
Life isn't near as B&W as more would like you think. Just try to keep KIND. To yourself AND to others.
Keep safe and know that I love you; even when I don't like you. :)

💜🦚🐲 Professional Human Resiliency Trauma Survivor & Thrivor™ Advocate
My own trigger disclaimer
***Trigger warning; my life. 100% - Not to be sassy, not to be cheeky, not to be cute. I'm walking down the Roots of Autistic, Complex PTSD, DID, Multiple Physical/emotional/mental Trauma Resiliency Survivor path. I oft DO NOT REALIZE my triggers OR needed warnings for others until they are pointed out to me. I AM trying to be more aware and cautious of this. Please do not view this as a lack of care or consideration. My "normal" has just been DIFFERENT. Thank you for allowing me that kindness of understanding. I appreciate it and see it in return.
I can not be headlined ~ Autistic ~ Complex PTSD ~ DID ~ Mental Health Tools ~ Life Experience ~ Kindness ~ Compassion ~ Boundaries ~ Advocacy ~ Disabilities ~ Hashimotos Auto-Immune Disease - Lipedema - Fibro ~ Deep Breaths ~ Cauda equina syndrome symptoms ~ Empathy ~ Safe Spaces ~ HSP ~ Kindred Connections ~ Awareness ~ Can't hurt me ~ I Love me ~ Healing ~ Wash your hands plz, 💜🦚🐲 ~ ;
Daily Discords!
Daily Discord!
This link will change daily (if I remember to change, so please, feel free to bug me if you'd like it updated!) and allow for up to 10 new people daily to join me, literally, in the conversations.
Let's talk about what WE want to talk about. :P
Find me Jessy#5919
I've had this feeling towards a few of those I hold close;
Sentient is sentient. We are all living beings and hold MANY of the same feelings, without the same abilities (or even attempts of); humans are some of the most (sorry to say it but I've been keeping notes for many years now) unaware, unconscious, unmindful creatures... *SOMETIMES* (life is a variable, I am not speaking of all) -Especially until/unless they are either taught, told about, or experience themselves the 'lesson' that is needing to be learned (or doomed to repeat, FOR GENERATIONS!!!).
I'm still thankful for those of us (like you!) have that ability or skill; to easily empathize and be sure we "walk the walk that we talk".
Much Loves. Always respects; in Solidarity.

Please, check out
Ways you can help me directly
Above ALL other ways, you can help support me by LITERALLY doing what you're doing now; be here, reading, being involved, listening.
That will help me more than most anything that can be obtained through this current economic society.
That said, *if* you -are- able and you -are- so inclined, to help me even a touch more, I'd love to share with you, the things I come up with in more details, over on my Patreon. If there's a better option or a different way to do that, by like, oh, I dunno(?), sending me lemons, ice cream, etc, that would be pretty freaking amazing too.
Sharing & clipping could help; cos I'm not always best able to filter what others might find important that I'm sharing.
Being involved WITH me in conversation, again, hands down take it over money.
Let's do this, together!
Keep kind! To yourself and to others. Keep safe and please, #WashYourDamnhands
So much more...
There's so much more to each of us than we all have time for, right?
So some things, I won't re-hash a lot, cos, well, I've already put the energy out there.
That said, there's also a fair amount to learn from here, even for myself, when "looking back" at all the history that DeviantArt, holds for me.
I want to continue sharing and growing there, as I'm certain it was one of the "healthiest" of ways that I dealt with things, even in the most UN-healthiest of situations I found myself in, perpetually.
I hope you'll consider joining me over there, too!

<3 Jessy
Six of Flames
The Image: Rising above all earthly things, a majestic 6-pointed star radiates from the clarity of the Universe and bathes a pastoral countryside on Earth in a state of peaceful harmony.

Meaning: As a result of previous efforts, man finally reaps recognition and honor. Typical of successful undertakings are a positive attitude regarding one's intentions and the goal-oriented use of one's strength. The community's recognition, which brings inherent success, requires double the amount of responsibility and increased intensity attentiveness. Due to his position, man stands in the center of public events. Besides being responsible for the duties that social status invokes, his actions and character serve as a role model for the collective consciousness. A meaningful existence makes the responsibility that is to be born a pleasure, rather than a burden. In the centeredness of self, the security is found that is necessary to fulfill his duty. Therefore, man can let his inner strength rest in peace. The victory that comes is not due to the oppression of someone else, but due to the control over the baser nature of man. Whoever conquers another, has strength. Whoever conquers himself, has power. Man stands on the Sunnyside of life. Relative to outer success, inner life also takes on a new dimension of awareness. With the increase of life quality, the qualities of the heart also increase, as well as the capacity to find and recognize inner happiness. Whoever recognizes the connection of his own being with the Divine being on a deeper level of identities, remains. In spite of all of the honor that is his due, modest in all walks of life, without succumbing to arrogance.

Astrological Significance: Sun, Jupiter, Trine & Sextile aspects.

Keywords: Initiative, goal-oriented strength, leadership qualities, responsibility, satisfaction, peacefulness, collected strength, awareness of responsibility, quality of life, self-confidence, Sunnyside of life.

Traditional Meanings: Recognition, honored victory, success, power, self-control, reward.

(*Ref Ananda Tarot - Ananda Kurt Pilz)