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I only have a twitter so click the picture :3 <3
Simple And Easy Rules To Follow

- Nothing Seriously Political (Unless You're Making A Joke)

- No Sexual Stickers

- Try To Speak English The Best Way You Can

- No Racism
JibberX - He Is Very Aggressive, Competitive, And Isn't Loved Much By His Mother Due To His Choices He Makes And What He Wants To Do For A Living. He Wants To Be Able To Do What He Wants For A Living Before He Dies. He Struggles To Get To Fame.
- Paladins

- Overwatch

- World Of Warcraft

- Minecraft

- Cyber Hunter

<3 More To Come Soon <3
I have two alter egos one is Jibbie and one is JibberX both are brothers and the bandanna separates both of them to make it easier to figure out who i'm playing.

JibberX - Pink Hair Red Eyes

Jibbie- Unknown

- How did you come up with your

I have Aspergers and sometimes i think or say the most dumbest things that come to my mind a lot. I talk to myself sometimes so my family always told me I spoke gibberish.

- Who Are Your Friends In The Stream?

My Lovely Friends Are DerpyKnightCore. Crazy, and Muffin.

- Do You Have A Schedule?

I Stream Sometimes On Tuesdays But I Always Stream On Wednesdays.

- What Is Aspergers?

On Google It Is: A developmental disorder affecting ability to effectively socialize and communicate. It is a condition on the autism spectrum, with generally higher functioning. ^///^

- What Are You Smoking?

Wild Hemp! It's hemp to help me keep focused and calm from overwhelming. ^-^