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Streamer is offline
Hi there, I'm Joe, your friendly neighbourhood lover of desks.

Here i stream mostly games but i will occasionally go on a rant about something and my streams will become more of a just chatting stream than a gaming one. I'm usually quite a rule free person but I wont permit anything that goes against the DLive terms and conditions. Where possible, I will always read chat and reply to as many messages as possible to keep you guys as engaged in the stream as possible.

I'm pretty new to this whole streaming thing so please give me constructive criticism where possible to help me become a better streamer so i can entertain you.
Hi everyone, this notice is to let you all know that my streaming schedule will be a little messy and i might disappear for a week or two without notice.
If you were wondering why this is, its because I am currently going through the exams that will basically define what I can do for the rest of my life. As the chances of me being able to make it as a full time streamer are slim i really want to focus on these to make sure i can get into a good collage.
I don't really like people asking about the chest frequently so ill answer most questions here:
1) I will always open the chest at the end of each stream.
2) In the very unlikely event that the chest reaches its cap in the middle of a stream, i will open the chest then.
Feel free to join my discord at:
I will post when I go live and it is the best place to communicate with me outside of streaming hours. furthermore, it is where you will have to go in order to participate in any events where I talk to you guys over microphone!
My Minecraft Server
I, along with a close streamer friend of mine, run a Minecraft server. Its a twist on your classic SMP with some cool plugins that well enhance gameplay. Join the discord here: to get the ip and come and play!