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My name is Boris. I`m 36. Was born in Russia. Now I live mostly in asian countries. 6 months here, 6 months there.

7 years in Cryptocurrencies.

Started streaming 15 of July 2020.

I came here for the staking rates, but will stay for this beautiful community
My english is not perfect, but it is does not matter. We will speak on the language of profit.

On my streams I will mostly review blockchain related sources of income.

To Claim Your Incent Rewards When The Code Appears:

1. Go To
2. Enter Codes Which Appear On Stream
3. No Limit On How Many Codes You Can Redeem!


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Yayin i̇zli̇yerek para kazanmak i̇sti̇yenler si̇zler i̇çi̇n bi̇ çözüm buldum

Aşşağidaki̇ adimlari taki̇p ederek
para kazanabi̇li̇rsi̇ni̇z her 5daki̇kada 25 kuruş kazaniyorsunuz bi̇ri̇kti̇re bi̇ri̇kti̇re paranizi çekebi̇li̇rsi̇ni̇z

İNCENT Bir Kripto Para Birimidir. Hesap
Oluşturup Yayını İzlerken Ekranda 5 Dakikada Bir Çıkan Kodları Biriktirip Para Çekebilirsiniz.

1. Fotoğrafa Basarak Linke Gidip Kayıt Olun:

Ve sonrasında sizi kod girme sayfasına yönlendirecektir

2. Ekranda 5 veya 8Dakikada Bir Çıkan Kodları Girin.

3. Günde En Fazla 35 Tane Kod Girebilirsiniz.

4. Kodları Biriktirip Para Çekebilirsiniz.
Stream Avatars
You start with Little Walker avatar.

You can change it to different, but it will require gold. You can get gold by playing games, fighting duels and from battleroyals.

Type !gold to know how much gold do you have

Type !attack <nickname> to kill

Avatar Prices:
(price = FREE. Attack Price= 300gold)
!buy avatar liu:kang
(price = 10 gold. Attack Price= 150gold)
!buy avatar kano
(price = 20gold. Attack Price= 120gold)
!buy avatar johnny:cage
(price = 40gold. Attack Price= 80gold)
!buy avatar shang_tsung
(price = 80gold. Attack Price= 60gold)
!buy avatar scorpion
(price = 160 gold. Attack Price=30 gold)
!buy avatar sonia_blade
(price = 320 gold. Attack Price=15 gold)
!buy avatar sub-zero
(price = 600gold. Attack Price= 8 gold)
!buy avatar raiden
(price = 800gold. Attack Price= 4 gold)
!buy avatar goro
(price = 1000 gold. Attack Price= 1 gold)

To get on top you must use !sling command. It jumps you to the angle you choose. For example !sling 90 will perform normal jump up, and !sling 125 will jump you up left.

Othe commands to use:

!left <number of steps you want to go>
!right <number>
!sit - this will hold you on one spot
!fart - you will fart out loud
!hug <person name>
!duel <name><gold amount>

Find more commands here:
Chat Rules
1. English Only
2. Respect My Mods
3. No Asking For Chest Or Kasa.
4. Have Fun And Be Nice
5. Respect One Another
6. No Bullying.

Lemon = $0.012 = 0.71 TRX
Ice cream = $0.12 = 7.1 TRX
Diamond = $1.20 = 71 TRX

1 INCENT drop = 2.33 LEMON

1$ = 83.3 LEMON

1 TRX = 0.0173 USD

1 TRX = 1.4 LEMON

1 SOUL = 38 TRX = 49 LEMON =0.66$
12 SOUL = 588 LEMON
24 SOUL = 1176
I will make tatoo when will hit 700 followers
Discord: Joskin#2389


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