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My name is J-rum. I'm a 28 y/o Professional Music Producer & Mixing Engineer. I stream Destiny & produce music live including viewer requests sometimes. :)

Purchase my iTunes Album

To purchase my beats & instrumentals please visit www.JrumBeats.com & www.J-rum.com

For audio mixing services please visit www.MIXEDBYRUM.com

*** WARNING *** Any sounds made from the human body which include but are not limited to are burping, farting, sounds in the bathroom and as well as plenty of cursing can and will be heard through your speakers.
My schedule is always random, however most frequent times are
Fri (Random <3)
Sat (Random <3)
Sun (Random <3)
Mon (Random <3)

Some weekdays I will stream Raids and Nightfalls and just hangout and chat with you guys.

While those times do often change.
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I have music, tutorials and reviews on my channel. If your interested in seeing my videos please feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel.
Tips / Donations / VIPS
This is the next best way to help grow my channel and allow me to invest in the tools to bring you guys the best stream possible. <3

If you feel I have helped you and put a smile on your face or even if I have showed you "The Lighthouse Ritual" please feel free to drop me tip or donation. Please remember these are not mandatory at all and not expected. However they are greatly appreciated and I am very grateful and blessed to have your support.

All donations will be used to help upgrade my channel and invest in a mic, capture card, CPU Software to run Dlive and of course my music business and bills :) <3