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Here it is, the long awaited stream schedule.

Mondays: 8pm - 10pm CET
Wednesdays: 8pm - 10pm CET
Thursdays: 8pm - 10pm CET

I'm sorry I don't know your specific timezone, so you'll have to do the calculation on your own. If you live in the Central European Timezone then you are good to go with the above times.
My name is Benjamin and I'm from a little country called Denmark. I'm 24 years old and currently pursuing a degree in Multimedia Design. I've been streaming on Dlive for a year now, woop woop!

Don't be shy, you can ask me anything, I'm an open book.

What is the QR thing popping up? Well it's a way for me to reward you for your time, by scanning it with the Incent app you get free crypto.

Do you wanna use it in your stream as well? Look no further just click the image ^

And if you use my referral we'll both get $5 when you're a verified streamer.

Referral Code: nbm0xe0h
To activate these commands you simply type them into chat and they'll activate.

!discord - prints the link to the discord server.
!bbb - prints the channel sticker Bald Baby Benji
!ftas - prints the channel sticker First Time Anal Sophus
!jg - prints the "Juicy Gang" sticker
!gaefrog - prints the dancing gae frog

Additional information about the stream can be found in the discord.
I generally allow anything, however will remove content that is better suited for porn or other extreme sites.

Chat should be in English, but a few sentences that are understood by me is fine ie. Danish, Norwegian and Japanese.

Dutch and Deutch I guess could go as well
Unofficial channel stickers
I'm not a verified partner yet, so technically I can't have my own channel stickers...
HOWEVER, huge supporter of the channel NANEX has through a loop hole created these two stickers for you all to enjoy. The first one is me the second one is my brother Sophus who you will see in chat every once in a while.

They are named as followed:
Bald Baby Benji (BBB)
First Time Anal Sophus (FTAS)

So if you hear me call for BBB or FTAS in the chat, you know what to do.

*hint* the FTAS is really great to use if you are the RAID BOSS and you take damage ;)