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I'm Kaalin. Hello and welcome.

Community and friends are some of the most important things to me. Feel free to reach out and get in contact but equally if it is more your style to stay a little more in the background and just enjoy the content please make yourself at home! I'm sure it will be an interesting journey and it would be pretty epic if you joined me for the ride.

The BEST community for streamers and gamers. Looking for support, to grow your channel and meet people who are genuinely invested in working together then Nuclear Vikings is where you want to be.

You'll find some top quality chat and a wee pocket of space on the internet where people can connect: Get involved here: https://www.discord.gg/GtJrb2p

Donations are not at all required but very graciously received. You are welcome, appreciated and loved so much just by being here.
Donation Link: https://app.streamaid.tv/en/justkaalin

If you are looking to contribute but would prefer not to donate cash you can do so here:

Amazon Wish List FOR STREAM UPGRADES: https://tinyurl.com/yyhubn9u

Amazon Wish List FOR NON STREAM GIFTS: https://tinyurl.com/yyzm3mup

Tips are used used to contribute to the stream for funding upgrades/games.

Anonymous Donation Link: https://streamlabs.com/justkaalin

Subscribing to the channel is a way to go that extra mile and support my content by pledging each month. Monthly subscription is currently 298 lino which is around about $3.60 and this small contribution makes a HUGE impact on my goal of streaming fulltime - for anyone who decides to SUB we have some cool extras, check them out below!

Monthly Movie Nights, Name on the Sub Wall, Exclusive Sub only discord and my personal snapchat where we have a group chat for all JustClub members... hopefully there will be much much more to come in the future
If you have been watching me, you'll not be surprised when you realise I am Scottish!

What is the point in hanging out with a Scots Lass if you can't get down with the language and by language I mean a good bit of swearing.

Bampot/Bam: Idiot
Baw: Testicle; start of many other insults
"bawjaws," "bawbag," and "bawface"
Hackit: Ugly
Howlin: Smelly
Ya weapon: a fool/extreme idiot
Jobby: Faeces/Poop
Lavvy heid: Toilet head
Mince: Rubbish, as in, "You're talking mince"
Numpty: Idiot
Roaster: Idiot
Rocket: Idiot
Yer aff yer heid: You're crazy
Eejit: Idoit

We like a good word for idiot, if you have got this far here in an extra one "Dafty"

"Haud yer wheesht!" - Be quiet or shut up
"Ah dinnae ken" - I don't know, used by country people!
"huvin a wee blether" - Having a nice chat with someone
"gon fur a scran" - away for something to eat
"yer looking peely-wally" - used when someone looks ill
"how no?" - why not, how is 90% used instead of why
"Gonnae no dae that" - can you not do that!