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- If you feel like talking or just wanna chill feel free to join
- It's a work in progress so don't be judgin'
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- Check out, my friend, Josh's Dlive
- He's also on YouTube: http://bit.ly/30wuyNL
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!youtube !twitch !mixer
- I haven't posted anything in a while but you can check it out if you want
- Tbh you actually shouldn't because it's pure cringe
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- It's private so I probably won't let you follow but it'd be cool if you'd request <3
- My @ on Twitter is 'jvresol' as well if you like that more
- I don't go for clout so that's why I'm a low follower count, B^)
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- This is my Steam profile, it's pretty self explanatory
- For any of my other accounts do !join
- Nintendo friend codes are lengthy so: SW-3144-2233-3443
- Also my Epic Games name is Jvr
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- Q: What do you go by?
A: I go by John but you can also call me Jv.

- Q: Schedule?
A: I stream when I can, usually 3 PM - 8 PM PST, but other than that I don't got a set schedule.

- Q: Can I join?
A: You must be a follower to join, if you frequently ask and I've already declined you'll be timed out and possibly banned.

- Q: Music?
A: I made this playlist based so yeah https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1B0ZNqpo65VLeMcbFUo7lW

- Q: Location?
A: United States, West-coast.

- Q: Age?
A: All I'll say is that I'm in high school.

- Q: Why are you angry/loud?
A: That's the pinnacle of my comedy, also I'm rarely actually mad.

- Q: What platform are you on?
A: Usually I'll be on Xbox unless specified otherwise.

- Q: What games do you play?
A: Really any multiplayer games that my friends play.

also garfield is cool alright