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A lot of people might wonder why I like Video games, it’s not only the fact that I love technology in general. To often we hear “video games is a waste of time” and gaming keep us away from discovering the world around us and ourselves - That is not necessarily true; a lot of people have discovered themselves through gaming, they are incredible successful at it. Many people have become video game testers, developers, streamers, etc... all of them working from the comfort of their home!
Like reading a book or watching a movie, gaming can be very entertaining! The BIG difference between that and gaming is that YOU are actually “the controller”. You are being part of the story... in some games you can even determine the outcome. Gaming it's a journey...! YOU CAN FIGHT THE BOSS, you can sneak up, you can run past the enemies, you project your own personal style into the game, you have freedom of choice!
The way you play and control your character tells a lot about your attitude, the way you react to problems and your ability to solve a problem - gaming requires a strategic plan, creativity, imagination and high awareness.
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