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Drunk On Crypto And Drunk Poker!
Combining 3 of the 4 greatest things in the world! Booze, Gambling, and Crypto! Once we can afford it, we'll get the 3/3 The HOOKERS! Join us every Thursday evening for a session of heavy drinking, acting the bollocks and talking shite about cryptocurrencies! Once we are good and impaired we'll head over to our sponsor for "Drunk Poker" and see how we do with some intoxicated gambling. It's always lots of fun and a little crazy. We look forward to seeing you every week.

Head over to Stake. It's the biggest and best crypto gambling site there is. Use our affiliate link - it helps out the channel. Also YOU DON'T NEED $ TO PLAY, they have a crypto faucet on the site so you can go play everything just for fun or play for big bucks, it's your call.

We want to do things different then any other Chanels. If you've followed to us, thank you very much! It means a lot to us. We try to bring you a show with a difference and a more lighthearted (drunk) approach to cryptocurrencies.

Bear in mind, under no circumstances should you take what we say seriously and NEVER as financial advice. Just sit back enjoy the show and take a break from the madness of the real world.

If you like what you see, all donations are much appreciated and help us keep doing what we do! Or even better, buy us a drink, Sean say's he can't get drunk, so lets put him to the test!!

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