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Kemal Kınalı
Certified Nursing Assistant
Married since 2014
Dad since 2017
I stream in 720p @ 60 FPS. I play many different games including VR which includes mostly Beat Saber. But right now, my primary game is League of Legends. I'm new to it but have a 6000 hours Dota 2 history. You might catch me playing other games like COD:MW, CSGO, PUBG, Hunt: Showdown, Hell Let Loose etc. I'm open to playing almost anything, so it will vary quite a bit. Anything you'd like me to try?
Follow me to always know when and what I'm streaming. I will try to stream every day, but as I can't live off streaming, I have to work most days.
Intel i7 8700K, 3.7 GHz + Hyper EVO 212
16GB DDR4 3000 MHz RAM
Gigabyte Aorus 1080 TI Xtreme Edition
27" 1080p, 144 Hz monitor
24" 1080p, 60 Hz secondary monitor
Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse
Valve Index fulll VR kit
Logitech C922 HD Pro webcam
SteelSeries Arctis 7 wireless headset
Creative stereo speakers
100/100 MBit fiber internet
My official discord server. Join it to find people to play with, talk to me (text or call) and when I arrange gameplay with viewers where we have to communicate over VOIP, this will be the way. Get on here!
The Instagram account for my channel. I spend a lot of my time in the gym and will post on Instagram once in a while. If you have any questions about working out, be it dieting, cardiovascular training or muscle building; please do ask. Feel free to add me on Instagram.
My YouTube channel where you can see videos edited of my past broadcast or gameplay recorded offline. You can follow me on here too.
Twitter account for my stream. I will be announcing on Twitter about upcoming streams once there are enough follows on there. Gimme a follow?