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I'm Kahlúa. A gamer, artist, spriter, network guy, musician, vocalist, and a community developer.
I play indie games, 'retro' games, and a few AAA titles from time to time. I listen to music of all sorts-- EDM, Classic Rock, Eurodance/Breakbeat/Jungle. Music taste ranges from Tipper -> AphexTwins -> RunDMC -> Madonna -> Traci Lords -> David Bowie -> Shpongle -> King Crimson -> 2PAC and so forth...

My favorite -> least favorite Final Fantasy games:

FF9 -> FF Tactics -> FF8 -> FF4 -> FF10 -> FF15 -> FF7 -> FF6 -> FF1

Channel Rules:

1.) No racism.
2.) No gender bias.
3.) No illegal fetishy stuff... Eh, don't sell drugs in my chat box, lol.
4.) No sexual preference discrimination and no religious debates... please and thank you!
5.) Followers can plug/advertise their channel in here freely 3x per day. Share the love. Good vibes only.
6.) I appoint moderators at random, and only for familiar, trustworthy names that have contributed a great amount to the DLive community.
*Moderation participation isn't expected at all-- but if you see someone doing something wrong in my chat now you have the power to fix it! =)


Q: So, what exactly is your channel? What can we expect?

A: I stream a little bit of everything based on how you guys feel and how I feel. Do you want a radio night? Let me know in the chatroom.
Do you want a blend of music and gaming? I can do this. Want to collaborate on Drawpile in a digital art jam? We can do this too. This channel is raid-friendly.

Q: What types of games do you play?

A: Action-Adventure Survival Horror, RTS/Space 4X, Fighting Games, RPGs, English-patched translations for Japan-exclusive games, Simulators, Indie Platformers, Gems of War (Match 3 Puzzle fighter game), SHMUPS, Point & Click Adventure games, Rogue-like dungeon crawlers, Grand Strategy. Not many FPS or Sports games.

Q: Do you do Giveaways?

A: I will give away a unused, brand new XBOX Elite Controller at 1000 followers-- and more to come! I plan to give out graphics cards, and all sorts of goodies.


This channel viewer boosts/features/hosts/supports:

Chav, cl0wnt0wn - Factorio/Metal Gear, Three_Racoons - Live Talk: Tanks, Anime, Games, and Memes.

Need technical help through TeamViewer or additional chat moderation for this platform on your channel? You can reach me at:

Kahlua#7925 on Discord



NES - Vanilla
SNES - Vanilla
N64 - HDMI Modded
PS2 - Modded
PS3 - Modded
PS4 - Vanilla
Nintendo Switch - Vanilla

Grave Hours Live:

11PM-6AM EST: I am usually quiet. This is for the courtesy of my neighbors and my spouse. I will be active in the chatroom at this time, but my volume will be low. I will host royalty-free music or advertise games that I am interested in or host other channels at this time. Or experiment...

All Other Times Live:

Normal daylight hours, EST: I can have my microphone on, if I am here. I will respond to questions in both chat and on mic.


50% of all tips and donations to this stream go towards supporting The Franklin Institute museum in Philadelphia, PA, located here:

The Franklin Institute
Development Department
222 North 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Finally, I'd like to thank you for coming to view my stream, i'm a small-time content creator-- and my schedule is not fixed as of yet. This is a hobby for me until I can grow it into something bigger. This channel is looking for moderators and an easy-going audience. Please don't feel obligated to follow or donate-- but know that I do appreciate the follows and contributions.