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About me!

Hey everyone, My name is Matt (Matthew) and I'm a variety streamer here on Dlive. I'm 21 years old and live in the land of Tea and crumpets aka England! I'm a huge fan of Anime and k-pop, I love to play games and make new friends!

1. Please respect everyone in the chat, including Mods.
2. Listen to Mods, if they tell you to stop something then do it.
3. No racism.
4. Don't spam!
5. No Self Promotion (Not including mods)
6. No posting links without asking. Check it with a mod first.
7. Don't ask for mod, but asking on how to become a mod is fine.
8. Mods are here to help you, not for you to have a go at.
9. If you don't like the stream and want to complain about it in chat, then please leave.
10. Most of all have fun and enjoy the stream.
11. Bonus rule! Respect Uncle Ben's Rice

(This changes a lot, I never stick to this lol)

Monday: 8pm - Random

Tuesday: 8pm - Random

Wednesday: 8pm - Professor Layton/Random

Thursday: 8pm - Among us

Friday: 8pm - Mario Kart Madness

Saturday: N/A

Sunday: N/A
My mother is out of work due to having long covid, and I'm struggling to find a job, so any donations would be extremely appreciated.

But Please DON'T feel like you have to donate, being here at the stream is more than I could ask for :)

Games we play
~ Pokemon

~ Minecarft

~ Mario Kart

~ Game design

~ Fortnite

~ Paladins

~ Animal Crossing

~Professor Layton

~Hatsune Miku


~ Many more fun games!
Join the streams own discord! Please let an Admin know who you are on Dlive once you enter the server, to gain full access.
Follow me on Twitter to keep updated with streams and other fun stuff^^
Come check out my Youtube channel! I Tend to upload a few times a month.
Over here our stream currency is called Anicions. 10 Anicoins are given out to active viewers in chat every 15 mins. Subscribers will get an extra 8, making a total of 18.

How do I check my Anicoins?: To check your balance just enter this command in chat. !Anicoins

What can I do with Anicoins?

So far they can only be used for scaring me and activating video clips and sound effects. However, I have more interactive commands planned for the future.

Jumpscare commands

!CSG - plays a really loud jumpscare sound. (Cost: 350)

!FNAF - play a really loud jumpscare scream sound from FNAF (Cost: 200)

!Ghost - Plays a chilling ghost voice that is spooky. (Cost:50)
Other commands

!RatMan - Plays a clip/sound effect from the one and only Rat Man! (Cost 50)

!Xfiles [Video] - Where did he go? (Cost 50)

!Spoilers - River Song saying "spoilers" with image (Cost: 50)

!TARDIS - plays the sound of the universe~ (Cost: 100)

!Pikachu - Plays "Pikachuuuuuuuuu" (Cost: 50)

!Dance2 - Plays a gif and music of the 9th doctor dancing. (Cost: 75)

!MissyDab - Plays a gif and music of Missy hitting a fat dab. (Cost: 100)

!Dalek - EXTERMANATE! (Cost: 150)

!Peggy - [Video] Peggy tells a ghost to get out of her pub. (Cost: 100)

!ReallyRude - [Video] River bullying the doctor. (Cost: 50)

!Intruder [Video] - Intruder the window. (Cost 50)

!FTB [Video] - It's just a flight to Barcelona. (Cost 50)

!Maniac [Video] - Gorilla dancing to maniac. (Cost 100)

!Monkey [Video] - Monkey in car. (Cost 50)

!Speech (Sub only Video) - rings of akhaten speech. (Cost: 250)

!Beef (Sub only Video ) - Daleks vs Cybermen. (Cost: 250)