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I am KarMukil you can call Kar or Mukil. i am from India and i am 29 as of now.
I'm a man of many things.i do lot of stuff. sometimes i don't even know what i'm doing ! LoL

I'm a cool and interesting fellow
I don't have definitely style, I can become anything that I see fit.
i'l read every chat line by line and interact accordingly,

i might become a full time streamer someday,
1. Be Kind to Each Other

2.English Or Tamil Only plz use translator if you don't know English (Coz other languages i don't know 😅 😅 😅 )

4. No Self Promotion

5. Avoid Religious, Political or any other discussions that discriminates each other

6.plz don't argue about anything with each other.

7.always welcome to discuss to something in science.

8.Don't swear unless the title is 18+.

Windows 10 Pro

Intel Core i7 3770K @ 3.50GHz

RAM 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3

Monitor ASUS 240HZ 27" VG27QM

Graphics 8GB INNO3D X2 3070

1TB seagete firecuda 120 SSD
2TB seagate Baracuda HDD

Corsair K95 Platinum Keyboard.
Cooler Master MM711 mouse.

Antec HCG 850W PSU.
1.low resolution - Transcoding option will be available only after affiliation, until then will be streamin in low resolution to make everyone watch.

2.Camera freeze - i am using my old phone as camera. so it sometime freezes.

3. Multistream - i multistream simultaneously to multiple platforms, hence viewers from all around will chat and i respond accordingly. i apologise if i responded to something not in your chat.

4.games - as my pc gpu is old it doesn't supports recent games hence i will be playing games that only supports my gpu.

I just love photography. if you are too have a peak here
sing like a bird in my twitter
Come on don't be shy, wanna chat outside my stream, join my discord
I have completed campaigns in the games in the link here
i'm now playing Apex Lengends , CODM now.
i'l be adding up some more games soon.
you can also support me by buying something from here. and if you have any idea or suggestions please let me know.

look cool by have something here
if you just spend you time in my stream, that is the greatest gift you give me. other than that this is not required by any one to do. I also do not click on any links. If you feel like donating I thank you so much and helping the stream getting better. and i'm an generous person, hence whatever i receive here Some will go to charity and healthcare services. and i'l update list of trustworthy charitable services near you by time.
i sincerely thank you for your contribution.