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1)My name is Kavou, I'm 24 years old and I am passionate about Magic the Gathering.I also like Unicorns.

2)I'm new to streaming so forgive me in advance for any basic mistakes I will make and also feel free to help me via the live chat to sort things out :) .

3)I am uploading daily content of MTG Arena on my youtube channel :

-- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkx3P2MvFdulX5fV-tGH1Rg?view_as=subscriber --

You can check it out, in the end I want to grow our awesome MTG community.

4)Don't be mean to each other, we all are here to have fun and chill.

5)I prefer Dragons over Angels although Angels look cool and yeah I don't like goblins. Actually they look kinda cute.

6)Any support will be accepted and will motivate to do more live-streaming.

7)>(^-^)>Have a wonderful day/evening and remember that we are all here to have fun. >(^-^)>

8)I will accept any questions and answer to anything game related, I play Magic for more than 7 years with lots of experience in many drafts, other than Legacy and Vintage.

9)No politics, no hate no racism and this is a cool cozy stream it is not a marketplace. Thank you!

10) I tried to fix all the sounds like sub sounds,follow sounds and all but for some reason I can't make my Lino account to work with my PC and I can't get access to it,so for now we will be having scuffed sounds :(