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Hey welcome ! My names Roberto but most people call me bob but you can just call me whatever you want. I'm 30 and I live with my fiancee in a small town near Montreal Quebec, I speak both french and english fluently trying to learn Italian for my roots but failing hard , I mainly stream to give myself a somewhat social life and make friends that have the same interests that I have I love videos games, Anime, Movies and Music, my most favorite game genre is Hack & Slash / Action RPG as well as Gory & Violent , I also enjoy the occasional relaxing game. My all-time favorite Anime is Berserk , Death note is a close second. As for movies i LOVE psychological thrillers & slasher movies and well music i like everything that sounds good to me but metal music is my favorite. Me and my fiancee collect plushies and figurines if you want to see pictures check out the discord there's some stuff laying around everywhere in there.

I suffer from social anxiety and depression as well as being bipolar and a hypochondriac. I am on medication but sometimes life just gets into the way so sometimes i might be a bit silent or stream without a webcam but i try ti push myself to do the best i can. Even if it doesnt typically show on the outside, my insides are often very agitated and nervous so keep it positive and lets have a good time !

Thanks for reading <3 See You In The Chat.
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