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Paranormal & ITC Researcher.
Investigating the paranormal for 40 years.
Spirit box practitioner.

I am a learned spirit box practitioner with 30 years of researching I.T.C. (Instrumental Trans Communication) in all its forms.

I.T.C is the scientific method of using electronic equipment to detect what we perceive to be spirit or spirit voices of the dead.

From the days of Tesla who built his own spirit communication device to more recent practitioners such as Bacci and Jürgenson, electronic equipment such as voice recorders, cameras, water, smoke, and of course radio frequencies from modified spirit box radios have all contributed in providing evidence of spirits..

My aim is to continue the research in all it's forms, to provide evidence of an afterlife, and to prove that the research i do is valid that we can speak to spirits of the dead.

To better my research in understanding certain area's of expertise in I.T.C. i have studied for seven years at Leicester university UK, and acquired a PhD in Astrophysics, and also a Bachelor's degree in radio telecommunications.

I.T.C. is a science in which the paranormal scientific community have investigated since the dawn of the electronic age, i will endeavour to continue my own research and provide evidence that the voices which answer our questions on the spirit box and the EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) we receive on our recording devices are spirits of the dead..

It is not conducive to state outright that the voices we receive on our devices are spirits, because spirits have never been proven by science.. it is to prove first that the voices we hear are intelligent by design and to eventually conclude with proof they are spirits of the dead.

I take my I.T.C and Paranormal research extremely serious and have acquired intricate knowledge over many years of investigating the paranormal field in all it's forms.