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Hello i'm KernelCruimpet(Venci) i'm a streamer from bulgaria,i stream different types of content:
1)Game development:
-I use Unreal Engine 4 i do freelancing and currently working on my own game.
-I love answering stuff so ask away if it's reasoanble i will answer and might even do said thing
-Will have random stuff done on stream(doing mechanics,animations,materials)
2)Digital Drawing:
-I am a newby of sorts to drawing but i love drawing stuff
-I use krita
-I like drawing creatures
-I love single player and multiplayer games
-Will try to stream some games sometimes in the week
-Story game atm is Dragon Age:Origins

Rules for Chat:
-Don't be rude
-Talk in English

Time Frame of streaming:
7pm GMT to 10pm GMT (Still a bit floatiing for which days i will stream)
The Stream are less frequent