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Greetings and such!

My name is KevBo2099 and I'm a guy who does things. The Shenanigator Extraordinaire, and the most excitable dude on the Webernets! Forserious, though, I'm just a dude from New Jersey who loves to entertain and make peoples smile. I tend to play a lot of Diablo 3, Dead Cells, and other games that have a bit of a retro flare to them. I'm all about having a good time and my goal is that you leave my stream in a better mood than you came in.

It should also be noted that I'm pretty bad. If you came looking for good gameplay, you won't find it here. But if you want to have a good time and learn from someone else's mistakes, and maybe make some friends in the process, come on in and stay awesome!


-Be cool. Don't flame or hate on each other (or me), and especially no racism. Let's respect each other.

-Don't talk religion or politics.

-Try to refrain from back seat gaming unless I either ask or fail so hard it becomes painful to watch.

-Ask before posting a link. I'll almost always say yes, but still.

-Please don't blatantly self advertise. I love to promote my friends and I'll probably ask if you stream anyway, but trying to steal someone else's thunder is just bad news bears.

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You can basically find me anywhere and damn near everywhere as KevBo2099. This includes:

PSN, Xbox Live, Wii-U, Steam, Twitter, even League of Legends! ...Which I really don't play.

Battle.Net : KevBo2099#1554