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Just creating content for the sake of creating content. Also if u follow me let me know if u dont want me to follow u. P.S. I dont get my panties in a bunch if u do "self promotion" on my channel so go ahead and share with us what ur channels about please I in fact encourage it! #SupportCreators #ClassStruggle

Chest Farmers :
Distributions happen when u let me know it's ready... I might also change this depending on what is going on during the stream.


Games that a play :

Axie Infinity -
I'm a very new player on this game and will be streaming it periodically or upon request. Check out 😅 for land purchase referral link ty.

Player Unknown Battle Grounds Mobile -
If u would like to play send me a friend request it's the same as here.

Clash Royale -
Don't really play this much on stream but yea idk how to add ppl let me know so we could play a couple of games.

Crypto Wars -
I just started playing this game and might be streaming it on the weekends.

skribbl(dot)io -
I kinda like this game and might stream this upon request. I will send the room url in chat when I do.


Referral links of stuff I use :

If u buy land on Axie Infinity please use my referral link

Check out Kiidblurr ( ):

Register on #Nimses with my promocode to get 1440 extra nims straight away.

On the way out i would love to recomend some of the best streams on dlive in my humble opinion at least lol hope you go over there are show them some love :