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Hey everyone! How's it going? Names Mike but most people call me Killafuze. I have been playing video games since I was young. I tend to enjoy a very wide variety of game genres, but like anyone else I do have my favorites. I'm basically brand new to ! After experiencing all the kindness and generosity of everyone over here it finally convinced me to make the switch from the endless sea of twitch. I hope to make a friend in everyone I come across so dont be afraid to hit that follow button and stick around and chat!
At the moment I'm not great at sticking to a schedule as being a parent of 2 can be very hectic! I stream just about every night around 9:45 PM EST until whenever I decide bed is!

Something more official will come at a later date!
Want to keep up to date with ALL of my gaming activity? Check the channel news feed and also my Twitter. I normally am extremely bad with social media, so please bear with me while I get my act together. Thanks!
•Love everyone, even yourself!

• Please abide by Dlive T.O.S.

• Please do not advertise my stream in any other channels or vice versa! Im down to network but for someone to come and immediately plug themselves is very rude!

• English is the preferred language in my chat, please feel free to speak which ever you like but I may not understand. =)

• No Lewd, Racist, Sexist, or Tasteless remarks.

• Respect everyone including yourself.

• Backseat gaming is allowed but be warned I may timeout if it gets out of hand.
Feel free to add me on Bnet! At times my friends list may become full so if your inactive you may be removed! Your always welcome to add me again!
I love my puppy so much! She is a Border Collie, German Shepard mix! What kind of do you have? This is an important conversation we need to have!