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Who I am:
Who am I one might ask? I am none other than a hard working man who tries my best in every day life. I find my self having enjoyed video games for many a year and have found it a great way to connect with others and simply relax and have a good time. I think if you'll follow me you'll also find that I have a one of a kind sense of humor that most do enjoy. I look forward to not only being able to have some fun getting to unwind from a busy day and being able to kick some butt but also be able to share some laughs and make new friends as well.

(P.s. His wife wrote this)

Currently in the "construction" stage
~ No self promoting unless previously discussed
~ No racist ,sexist, or derogatory comments towards anything or anyone in my channel
~ Respect all moderator requests and do not spam
~ Enjoy yourself to the fullest and do not impede on anyone else's ability to do so.
~ MSI Gaming Laptop ( Intel i7-7700hq, 16 GB ram, Nvidia Geforce GTX1060, 1TB 7200 rpm HDD + 128GB SSD)
~ Yeti Blue USB Microphone
~ Logitech C615
~ El Gato HD60 s Capture card
~ Insignia 32" 1080P LED TV

Hey guys I just got a Streamaid set up! please feel free to send me some missions for an awesome and fun way to donate!