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You know Hew? Hew damn right! Name is TJ but I am also THE KingVageata! Still have the twinkle in my eye, all my hopes and dreams, the Man has yet to take them all. 30 years old, 2 kids, 2 step, an amazing woman, and loves his haters in the mouth! My red headed step child has Smith Magenis Syndrome please research it. Check out my bit tube channel for a few laughs or a wtf. New to streaming and the attempts from my low end pc dont get anywhere, but myself a headache. So, please bare with me until I can upgrade my pc. I run my own very small business performing irrigation. I get it wet for a living. Lol No six figures yet and the struggle is still very real. I do not have a set stream schedule but usually knock some down range in the evenings Eastern Time. Prior service, Infantryman, so Follow Me!!! Legalize Marijuana!!!!!!!
All about shits and giggles, so be yourself! Must be able to take a joke. No need for bitch ass scout girls!
If, you, yourself, is doing something that will get you or myself banned then just kick rocks. Dueces on a scooter!
Yall hold it down and have a goodin!!!!

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