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About Me
What's Bonkin' People!

Welcome to the channel!

Pretty much doing this for fun. Not really trying to get anything out of this.

I enjoy a lot of genre of games. But RPG's and FPS are my main focus.

My main platforms of gaming are PC and Playstation....with some Nintendo here and there :)

Fun Facts: My first game was Oddword Abe's Oddysee . Which also means that my first console was a PS1. (Double Facts!)

First M Rated Game was Nightmare Creatures on PS1 (Think of Bloodborne on PS1)

Favorite Game Series is Dynasty Warriors. The gameplay is mindless for sure. But its the characters, setting, and music that really put it over the top for me. Are there much better games? Of course. But I basically grew up with this series since 2001.

And display name is the same as Raizen from Yu Yu Hakusho. (Top 3 Anime for me)

Visit my YT Channel as well! I will be using it for uploading my VODS and some clips as well
What To Expect!
I've been thinking of a lot of games to stream. The main focus will mostly be RPG's and First Person Shooters. (With some other things sprinkled in) I've been getting into the Shin Megami Tensei games, so expect some Persona/SMT streams here!

But for the most part, i'll be streaming whatever I find enjoyable. I'll take recommendations as well if you wanna see me play something different :D

Dont have a definite schedule yet. But will probably make one soon.