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Hello my little pixels! I game for fun, for sport, for freedom, for life. I love to play any and all games but personally prefer FPS because of the comp. Take off your shoes, climb aboard and let's take the load off as we chat and have fun. If you wanna join up and play a game together go ahead and send the invite, I'm here to help and have fun. Don't get me wrong the sweats are nice too and can be appreciated every once in a while. Just don't be shy, everyone is welcome here in The Canvas that is our lives.

I'm an artist, writer, editor, hell I've had so many hobbies I stopped counting. If I don't answer immediately know that I am very very VERY distracted, and there are alot of completely random shit that catches my attention. But believe me, I will always answer, that's a Kinguuin guarantee.

Stay a while, chat a while, join our community and always remember, have fun!
The Campground
A great bunch of people that all like to game and many like to stream! The Campground is for anyone looking for a chill place to be themselves and support each other while we play and have a bunch of fun. If you're looking for an active gaming community, look no further!
DM me for more info.
I stream here, on Mixer, Youtube, Twitch and Facebook, so use your platform of choice!

Monday thru Friday - 8pm-10pm est
Weekends: 10 am-2pm est
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Like I said, I'm an artist and a writer so I have a couple links you can add to your follow list:

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Thank you so much for visiting my stream! If you liked it please feel free to help a brother out with some donations. Anything and everything is appreciated and will help me better the stream quality and time available.

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