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About Me!!
Hey im Kipper Welcome to my streams! i hope you are all having a good time being here!! if you havent already please go ahead and hit that follow button i will greatly appreciate it!!

Joined DLive: 3/9/20

🍋1 Lemon______ $0.012
🍦1 Ice Cream____$0.12
💎1 Diamond_____$1.20
🚗1 Ninjaghini_____$12.00
🚀1 Ninjet________$120.00
if you want some sweet merch to help support me you can get sweet clothes
Stream Team
here is the rest of the Stream Team go check them out!!
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Stream Wishlist!!!!!
This is my wishlist as of now to improve my streams to give you guys a better streaming experience
Treat Info!
Points will be sent out every 20 Minutes!
10 for viewers!
20 for subs!
commands coming soon!!