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About Me
Many of you have previously known me as KiritoMatoi. You also knew me as Kiri for short. You can still call me Kiri for short though!

I go by Kiri Bloodrose as my stage name. Want to know more? Just ask me.

I'm generally a gamer streamer, I'm figuring out which games to stream for you guys so I'm just streaming a variety of games.

Engaged to GooseMoose, whom you can follow here:
Respect the streamer, respect the users in the chat.

13+ ONLY, PLEASE! If you say that you are under the age of 13, you will be removed from the chat.

No bigotry or hate speech of any kind.

If you have dank memes, make sure they don't promote bigotry or hate speech.

Please don't abuse !songrequest to play racist or inappropriate songs. I am actively screening songs.

If I don't ask for help, please don't backseat game.

Don't be an overall jerk. If you're gonna troll, better make sure it's top-tier and funny or I'm throwing you out of my chat personally. I have zero-tolerance for failtrolls.

I understand there are people from many different places in the world and I very much want more people from foreign lands checking out my stream. However, I ask that my viewers could please speak English only as I can only understand English fluently. Sorry.

For everything that is good & holy, PLEASE! DO NOT CALL ME SENPAI!
Streams will run Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 1 PM to 3 PM.
Discord Server
Come join my Discord server! :)
For a Diamond (100+ Lemons), I will read whatever message you want me to read on stream.

For a Ninjaghini (1000+ Lemons), I will react to a YouTube video live on the stream.

For a Ninjet (5000+ Lemons), you will be given an Inner Circle role on my Discord server and receive a free cosplay print every month for one year, signed by myself.