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I am a Twitch streamer and content creator that does not lack versatility by any means. I enjoy sharing predominantly FPS titles like Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Anthem, Doom, Overwatch, and one of my favourites Apex. I also play a variety of VR titles like Beat Saber, Golf Club VR & First Person Tennis. Along with this, I wasn't a stranger to games like Forza Horizon 3 and FIFA. All this shows to present one simple point - I am a lifelong gamer.

My streaming style is relaxed and easy-going while I am also committed to maintaining high standards of content quality and viewer engagement (which is kind of the point of all streaming but often gets pass many ad-hoc streamers). I harbour a strong community dedication, getting in touch with my audience, listening to their feedback and acting on it. As my Instagram shows, I am also willing to engage with people in live events, including all major ones in the UK like EGX and Insomnia. It’s always a great sign to see a streamer with almost 4k followers on Twitch being down-to-earth and open to people who share his interest and passion.

However, regardless of my current status, I am dreaming even bigger (and in VR). Equipped with an HTC Vive, he is already streaming VR games - currently, he’s playing Beat Saber and it seems like a really interesting audio-reaction speed title that shows the power of virtual reality. Further ahead, I plan on reviewing all VR titles that I can get my (virtual) hands on, including those requested by my audience. Apart from Twitch, I also plan on reigniting my YouTube channel for the same purpose.